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NO Parking!

Asphalt can take up to a year to cure. 

Avoid parking on your freshly paved area for at least 5 days.


To avoid the edges of your driveway becoming cracked or damaged, we will place topsoil along the outside of your driveway. If you are concerned that too much of your topsoil has been washed away by the rain, please contact us. 

NO Points

Although they may not weigh too much, avoid placing patio chairs, bicycle kickstands and anything else with a pointed edge on your new driveway. 

Seal your Driveway

Sealing your driveway within the first year can greatly improve the longevity of the asphalt. 

We offer all of our customers a special discounted rate for driveway sealing to be done one year of laying your driveway or asphalt surface.

Rotate Parking

Throughout the first year year after receiving your new driveway, avoid parking in the same place each time.

NO Harsh Turns

Avoid any harsh turns and dry steering for the first year.

Patio Stones are your Friend!

If you need to store boats, campers, etc. on your new driveway, place a patio stone under the tires and jack to distribute weight. 


Our goal for your driveway is to have no puddles, but sometimes this is inevitable. If you are concerned by any puddles forming in your driveway, please contact us.


When we are excavating for your new driveway, our goal is to remove every last weed underneath the surface, but sometimes one may grow back and sneak through. If you notice a weed growing through the asphalt surface, please contact us.

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