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Take a Look at Our Testimonials

See what customers have said about our company and the services we provide. From paving asphalt for commercial lots to removing snow from residential properties in the winter, National Paving can take care of what you need. Give us a call today if you would like to request our services.

Spectacular Workmanship

Great thanks and appreciation to National Paving for spectacular workmanship on our new paved driveway. I am very pleased with my initial estimate and outcome overall. What a difference it makes to have trust in such a large expense and absolutely love the outcome, start to finish. Thank you again! And I'll be sure to give out National Paving as a referral to anyone looking for a professional Paving company.

- Lauren -

Committed to Their Customers

National Paving started as a small paving company, with minimal employees, and over the past decade has strived to improve year after year. Adding new and improved equipment to the mix, National has along with it's private home owner clients, also added some major Contracting and Restoration Companies to it's list of Clientele, who call on a regular basis for paving, pothole repairs, and interlock stonework. National Paving is committed to it's customers.

- Sue K. -

Did a Great Job on Our Driveway

National Paving did a great patch job on our driveway. The job may have been small but the men were respectful and courteous.

- W.P. -

Thank You National Paving

We are extremely pleased with National Paving and their snow removal capabilities. Our driveway is not the typical rectangle yet this company has been able to clear it. We are able to drive directly out of our garage, no pile-ups in front. The same with our front porch. Where other snow removal companies have declined to take on the task of our driveway, National has stepped up and done a fantastic job years in a row. Thank you National Paving.

- W.P. -

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